TROPICLEAN Kiwi Blossom Deodorizing Dog Spray, 8-oz bottle


Two things most pets can’t stand: sharing the belly rubs, and bath time. With TropiClean Papaya Mist Cologne, ambidextrous pet parents can solve both problems at once…

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Eliminate even the worst odors on your pet with TropiClean Kiwi Blossom Deodorizing Dog Spray. Odor can come from a variety of sources including feces, urine, vomit and more. TropiClean Kiwi Blossom Deodorizing Dog Spray neutralizes these odors plus odors caused by glandular secretions and encounters with wildlife, even skunk. It contains an organic blend of fruit and oatmeal extracts, plant protein, vitamin E and odor neutralizer to break down the odor at it source for a long-lasting, pleasant scene.

Key Benefits

  • Great for using between baths with long-lasting fresh scent
  • Organic blend of fruits and oatmeal condition the coat and reduce static
  • Refreshing body spritz helps moisturize skin
  • Soap-free spray won’t affect flea treatments
  • Breaks down odors; eliminating urine, outdoors, skunk, and other unfriendly smells



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