API Sinking Pellets Goldfish Food


Add variety to your Goldfish’s diet with Tetra Fin Floating Variety Pellets Goldfish Food. Fish love variety in their diet and different foods encourage natural foraging behaviors.

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Feed your Goldfish a protein-rich diet scientifically formulated to promote healthy growth and cleaner, clearer water with API Optimal Protein Sinking Pellets Goldfish Food.

Key Benefits

Complete and balanced diet for all Goldfish including Shubunkins, Lionheads and Fantails in sinking pellet form.
A blend of carotenoid sources of natural origin including: alfalfa, spirulina and marigold for vibrant coloration of fish.
Highly digestible protein sources (pea protein and squid) and fiber from sugar beet pulp to help promote healthy digestible function.
Yeast, garlic and vitamins C and E help support the immune system.
Highly digestible recipe helps reduce waste and produce less ammonia for cleaner, clearer water.


Overfeeding, low palatability, and low quality lead to unconsumed or poorly digested food, which raises the ammonia level in the aquarium, causing cloudy water and even fish death.

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