KONG Stuff’N Puppy Ziggies Dog Treats

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Reward your growing puppy with a healthy, anytime savory snack, and you’ll be rewarded with fresh breath puppy kisses every time with the KONG Stuff’N Puppy Ziggies Dog Treats. Made with the irresistible flavor that puppies love, its formula is designed to freshen breath naturally with rosemary. Its chewy, teeth-cleaning texture helps promote puppy dental health and makes spending time with your puppy even more enjoyable, from playtime to crate training! Plus, they’re easy to digest, safe for anytime snacking, and can be stuffed in your puppy’s favorite KONG Puppy rubber toy for longer-lasting play.

Key Benefits

  • Its puppy formula freshens breath naturally and helps keep growing baby teeth clean with rosemary extract.
  • Perfect for use with the KONG Puppy, Puppy Binkie, and Puppy Activity Ball, for long-lasting, mentally-stimulating play.
  • Its easy-to-digest recipe is great as an anytime snack to help promote dental health and satisfy your puppy’s chewing instincts.
  • Available in two sizes so you can choose the right one for your puppy.
  • Made in the USA with no trans-fats.


For puppies over 3 months old and over 6 lbs. Always feed the correct size ZIGGIES for your puppy’s weight. Allow 1 ZIGGIES daily as a treat. Always provide drinking water. Monitor your puppy to ensure the treat is adequately chewed. Swallowing any treat without adequately chewing can be harmful to a puppy.


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